Tuesday, July 30, 2002

We're getting some more trail reports trickling in, including some from people using the form www.faughnan.com/brian/whistlerHiking.html. It's a long time for anyone to remember a stranger, but reports of 7/12 and 7/13 trail conditions, numbers of people seen on the trails, places gone, etc may help fill the gap. Of course if anyone had actually spoken with Brian they might remember him.

One person has mentioned the case of Ann Marie Potton, who was lost years ago. Her body heat and some snow buried her in the glacier; when it refroze her body was concealed. I don't think that would happen in late July in Whistler, but I'd welcome any thoughts.

The Question may do a follow-up story, and Marta sent out some updated press releases as well. We updated our thank you page to reference more of the helpful folks in Whistler (www.faughnan.com/brian/thankyou.html).

The MOC fund to help with the expenses of the volunteers is getting organized, and I'll put up the mailing information once I have it. I think Marta has returned to Montreal, or she will shortly. My contact information remains jfaughnan@mindspring.com or 651-336-5548 (cell).


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