Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Today we created a web page to record trip reports from hikers who were on trails 7/12/02: The thought is that since we can't get any reports of anyone who saw Brian, we try to get reports from people who hiked those trails and didn't see him. A thin reed.

Yesterday I spoke with two locals who have trained rescue dogs and who are familiar both with the region and with search dogs. They are very eager to help and would raise a force in no time -- but they need a starting point and some kind of domain.

Andre and Bruce came down off of Rainbow Mountain. After three days of searching they'd exhausted reasonable opportunities. They saw a lot of helicopter activity; we are told that Blackcomb helicopters has been essentially doing unofficial searches while they fly people around.

We've completed interviews with a local magazine (The Pique) and a local newspaper (the Question). The story will also be in The Messenger, a Blackcomb-Whistler mountain corporate publication. The latter will also send an email to their 1500 employees with the web link.

We've printed and distributed business cards that reference the web site, we distribute them at the "Nesters" plaza outside the supermarket. That's where the locals go, away from the congestion of Whistler proper.

We finally found the right person at BC parks, and they put up posters, questioned rangers, and reviewed the comment boxes (no log boxes) for the provincial parks. This is a real long shot.

We did find that Brian had stored gear at the hostel in Vancouver; things he wasn't going to need on this trip. He left his big pack, his climbing gear, and his GoreTex jacket (perhaps because he'd bought a red jacket at MEC).


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