Sunday, July 21, 2002

Today was a warm and beautiful day in Whistler, but we have not had success.

I arrived in Vancouver late yesterday and met with Brian's MOC comrades at Anton's about 1am. We arrived in Whistler about 8:30 and went to work. The team included Anton, Andre, Marta, Sebastian, Michael, Bruce, Kevin and Philip and myself. We met up with Steven, who guided us through the local bureaucracy. Excluding myself, this is is an impressive group.

After a day's work we are settled into a condominium in the "upper village". The unit phone number is 604-905-0911. My cell phone here is 604-907-0957 (my Sprint number doesn't work here). Anton has given me his ISP number, and I can now dial in and check email.

We've received many helpful suggestions, which I'll answer here:

1. Checking local hospitals: we checked up on that, mostly done but there's one we'd like to verify.
2. Running VISA, bank cards, etc. The RCMP did do that, and if the cards are used the RCMP will be alerted.
3. Reaching local media: Our landlord is very familiar with local publishers and I'll call them tomorrow.

Today we split up into several groups:

1. One group spent most of the time meeting with the RCMP and the SAR group and setting things up. Steven and I also did a private helicopter survey of an area that had not been reviewed.
2. One group bushwhacked up another route to learn the terrain and evaluate one small area.
3. One group reviewed the video of Brian leaving the lodge last 10 days ago and decided he did have the yellow pack and it was about 2/3 full. They also looked for trail logs and distributed posters that Steven had made.
4. Back in Montreal Elaine and Rachel inventoried items Brian had not brought to help confirm our sense of what he had and what his intent was. Chris went through the computers Brian used looking for any clues.

Overall the RCMP has concluded their formal search, unless we and their authorization of the SAR searches --- unless we can turn up additional clues to guide a new search.

We are meeting tomorrow with a representative of SAR to guide our actions, such as work with local media, more posters, exploring focal terrain areas, etc.


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