Saturday, July 20, 2002

Updates will be at this site from now on. Unfortunately I can't turn off the ads, they require PayPal payment and I'm not registered for that yet.

The searches of 7/19 have fairly completely covered the day hike domain around Brian's lodge. Nothing has been found, the impression of the Search and Rescue team is that most accidents that might have occurred in that area have been ruled out. There is nothing to say that Brian didn't hitchike to another area. We'd like to know if he did much trailhead hitchhiking. As I move out to Vancouver trying to attract local media coverage may be a useful strategy.

I (John F) am scheduled to travel to Vancouver Saturday night. I will meet up with Michael Leung, Andre Fluerasu and Phil ? at Anton's in Vancouver (604-730-5750). My cell phone will not work any longer, but Andre's phone is 514-502-4914. Steven Faughnan's phone is 416-520-1738. I will post a cell phone number for me once I get one that works in Canada.


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