Saturday, July 20, 2002

Early in the active search has the baseline information about Brian, but I'll post ongoing updates here.

Thanks to the kindness of a stranger who came across the web page, and who has a wealth of knowledge earned a terrible price, we have a leg up on media contacts. She has reinforced the value of a dog team and referred us to a Seattle based team and to to a BC aquatics rescue group. I have emailed the team and am awaiting follow-up.

In Whistler we will look for a base, either office space or a condominium.

Updates from Nicolaï responding to the web page (thanks Nicolai!)

The first thing that comes to mind is the mention of ice climbing. I am sure Brian did not attempt any ice climbing.
Regarding the hitchhiking, I am sure he would try hitchhiking to get around.
I'm sure he did not bring more than one sleeping bag to BC.
He is quite likely to venture off trails.
If he had become lost he would eventually find his way. I believe it is more likely he suffered any injury preventing him from walking around.
Brian has a large The North Face backpack. I believe it was partly black with some large patches of colour. I don't know if he brought this pack with him. A 60 litre pack such as the one mentioned on your web page would be too small for Brian's gear.
Before his last accident Brian was capable of hiking considerably more than 10 miles in one day. Since he would have planned on coming back to his starting point I believe the farthest he would have traveled from there is around 10 miles.
I don't think Brian would have much trouble walking on snow, rocks, or scree.
Update 1/25/11: I revised a link to eliminate a redirect and I added a title.


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