Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Andre and Sebastian overnighted near Rainbow Lake. Bruce went up to supply them and to switch places with Sebastian who's since come down. They are continuing to explore areas that fit with our scenarios.

Marta's interviews turned up a new contact who works at the Wild Willy outdoor store. He remembers serving Brian Friday am and discussing the Cheakamus trail and the Rainbow Lake trail. In an RCMP statement he said he gave Brian directions to the Rainbow Lake trail and a photocopy of a local trail map. In general this continues to support the theory that Brian hiked Rainbow Lake but Michael and Kevin have added posters to the Cheakamus and Black Tusk trails. They did not have other copies of that map, but we think Brian has a topo of Rainbow Lake and a photocopy of a similar map that showed trails.

Steven has returned to Toronto, Anton was back in Vancouver for a day but has just returned to Whistler. Lea is coming up late Thursday pm.

John and Marta did another set of interviews with BCTV. This was done with a BCTV journalist who hadan unsympathetic spin on Brian's story. We did the best we could to keep to the facts, emphasizing that apparent "risky behavior" (off-trail hiking) must be balanced by a person's experience and skills. What we saw as the result was really not too bad; Marta did a great job. Yesterday's BCTV story was quite sympathetic, as was a Vancouver Sun article.

It is local practice here not to do trail logs, but for people to tell others where they are going. That may not be ideal practice for non-local hiker(s) who do not have local contacts. Brian may well have expected to find a trail log he would register at when he reached the trail head -- that is common practice in the areas most of us have hiked. What he would have seen was a notice saying to notify others of his plans; which would have meant hiking back to a phone and then making a collect call to somewhere.

Local knowledge of Brian is pretty good among the residents. The key we are looking for is anyone who met him on any trail. At the time Brian started, on any trail, people must have come down as he was going up. An enhanced web page has an almost full length photo (thanks Nicolai!) that might be more recognizable, see www.faughnan.com/brian/brianMissing.html. We've also added pictures of Brian in sunglasses and in contacts. New posters have been produced and distributed with the new photo, they are on the site.

We discussed dogs with two local experts who know rescue and know the terrain. Both were very warm hearted and sympathetic, as have been all the residents and hikers we've met. They tell us they will drop everything and assemble a team -- but they need a starting point and a searchable domain.

Nick and Max have joined our group and they bring a great deal of new energy and some excellent perspectives. Tomorrow is more work putting up new posters, doing interviews, and other basic investigative work.


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