Monday, July 22, 2002

Today we have been working in 5 teams:

- Sebastian and Andre have moved into the Rainbow Lake area to explore any areas that they think might have attracted Brian assuming our baseline scenario. They will be up for two days.
- Steven and Anton reviewed lift ticket security video, we are confident Brian did not take the lifts to some of the high trails.
- Marta has been interviewing local people and placing posters.
- Bruce and Michael are exploring the areas below Rainbow creek, they will return for dinner.
- John and Steven have been doing media interviews. The web site has been redone; and have been updated, along with a new "missing" page at . Vancouver channel 11 has videotaped Steven and John and Marta and Anton for regional television and they will promote the web page. The Vancouver Sun is doing photos this afternoon and the local papers are both running stories. The focus is on getting more sightings or tips that would justify a focal search.

We've again evaluated dog searches, but know one with any experience in recovery within these domains has expressed any enthusiasm. We do have some dog related emails to follow-up.

Our next focus will probably be on the private detective domain, finding someone to review what we know and suggest new directions or intensified focus. The RCMP has an open missing persons file, and we will work with them as much as possible to keep that file current.


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