Sunday, July 28, 2002

I've returned to Minneapolis, but a few people are staying in Whistler for a day or two to hike, explore, and follow-up on loose ends. Marta will be there through Tuesday and is watching over things. The condo lease ended Sunday, so those doing search work may take up an offer of a free room at the Pinnacle.

The McGill Outdoors Club (MOC) has an internal fund going to support those who travelled out to Whistler for the search (including former MOC members who helped out). We'll post an official address, but in the meantime any non-MOC members who would like to contribute can send donations to me: John Faughnan, 1661 Wellesley Avenue. Saint Paul, MN 55105-2007. I'll collect donations and then send them on to the MOC fund for distribution.

We'll be continuing to collect any information that comes in, and we'll be retaining a local private investigator for help with any new information that may arise.


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