Sunday, July 28, 2002

Everyone went to Rainbow mountain. Andre, Michael, Max, Sebastian and Phil (in from Seattle), to the summit. Andre and Michael explored parts of the glacier. Lea and Gambrellli shipped in supplies. Marc and Michelle re-explored the drainage systems of the glacier. Marta, Nick, Bruce and I slogged along the course of Beverly creek, then ascended to the alpine meadow. Mike Hannah, a retired search and rescue veteran, brought five friends and with his daughter explored the far drainage perimeters and the glacier by binocular and vehicle (thanks to Cougar mountain for their help!)

We are all tired, some very tired. We found nothing.

Tomorrow we start home. Some may stay through Tuesday, but most will fly out this Sunday. There is not much more to do here. Unless the media exposures generate an unexpected lead, most of the work is done. There is waiting and mourning.

I said good-bye to Brian as we crossed a ridge and lost sight of Rainbow Mountain. It is a beautiful place, but I may not be eager to return to it.


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