Friday, August 16, 2002

(See memorial service note of 8/15/02.)

We are working on directions for an aerial search of the snow and ice areas around Rainbow Peak, hoping that the August melt will expose more areas.

We are interested in the moat at the base of Rainbow mountain, but it will be very hard to search from the air. There's a sort of pseudo-crevasse on a snow field that's adjacent to the snow pack one follows glissading off Rainbow peak. On July 11th that crevasse-like structure would have likely been covered by a snow bridge. SAR did search it from the air, but now it will be more exposed. This picture indicates the general vicinity of this structure.

I also want to look at the area of Beverly Creek that's a natural extension of a glissade off the peak. That area was searched originally by Whistler SAR and about 10 days later by our group, but the snow/ice that covered Beverly Creek will now be much diminished.

We welcome any thoughts on ice/snow regions to search at the end of this month.


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