Sunday, September 23, 2007

Images of Rainbow Mountain, and of the 2002 search

A few weeks after our failed search in 2002 I posted some photos of the search for Brian's friends and our family. They're still available on the semi-private site I used to use for photo sharing. Some of the photos are low quality snapshots from an awful camera I used to own, but some are high quality scans of 35 mm slides (thanks Max!).

A few things have changed with photo sharing since 2002, but the biggest change has been the integration of location and images. Images can now be displayed in the context of maps. The process is in its infancy, but it's a big change. My experience with Google's implementation is that it works somewhat unpredictably, but that under certain conditions the images may become publicly associated with image layers in Google Earth and/or Google Map's newish My Maps.

So I've republished the images and associated them with Rainbow Mountain, at times making some rough guesses about where they might belong. Google's satellite images of this region are still quite low resolution, so precision isn't possible anyway.

The first of these links is the most interesting way to view the images in context, but it requires Google Earth. The others work with a browser.
Who knows, perhaps another connection to the NetMind will, someday, aid in the resolution of our personal mystery.

Rainbow Mountain