Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brian Faughnan - Missing July 12, 2002

Four years ago my youngest brother, Brian Faughnan, left the Shoestring Lodge in Whistler BC for a day hike. We do not know of anyone who saw him after that morning. In the days that followed my brother Steven traveled to Whistler, and was joined by many of Brian's friends and me. We tried to advance the work done by the RCMP and the Whistler search and rescue teams, but we learned little more.

There's been no news since, but of course this season refreshes old memories. There will be hikers again in those remote and rugged mountains...

I have called the RCMP to update the file information, and I'll update the web pages accordingly.
Constable Tammy Keibel
Case number: 02-4306
office: 604-932-3044
Gone, but not forgotten.