Monday, November 01, 2004

Brian Faughnan - Missing July 12, 2002 - a letter from the Whistler area

Brian Faughnan - Missing July 12, 2002

I received a nice note today from a Whistler resident who happened upon Brian's web pages while looking for a local paper (name omitted to protect her privacy:
...I remember seeing the poster about your brother, at the beginning of the Rainbow Mountain trail. I think it was a few weeks after he went missing that we hiked the trail. We certainly discussed it and speculated that he may have fallen into the creek. There was a lot of late snow that year so the hiking conditions were a bit unusual. Last summer, many of the trails closed due to fire hazard. I'm betting that this is the first year that people got out much and then it monsooned from August 21 onward. The Gin and Tonic trail on Rainbow has pretty much disappeared, especially from the trail maps, so bushwhacking is required to get to the lake. If he went in that direction, there will now be fewer people in the area to notice anything unusual.

I'm sure it would be nice to finally know what happened to him. We live in North Van and go to Whistler fairly often. If you need an errand run in Whistler, and can wait until we are next up there, I'd be happy to help...
It's a real kindness to receive quick notes like this one. Thanks!