Friday, March 26, 2004

Fotos nuas da Antonela Bananinha na Playboy BBB4 Big Brother 4
Brian Faughnan desapareceu durante uma caminhada nas montanhas em julho de 2002. Seu pai criou um blog especialmente para agir como uma central de informações para amigos e parentes durante a busca. Brian ainda não foi encontrado.

A Technorati search turned this page up. I don't know how the author found Brian's blog. Recently I received a note from a Concordia student who volunteered a PDF version of one of the old missing person posters. He didn't know Brian, though Brian had attended Concordia about 15 years ago.

The world mind cogitates.

There has been no news. I have recently confirmed that the officer last assigned Brian's file is still working in Whistler, though her name changed (presumably by marriage?).