Sunday, August 03, 2003

Wired News: Online, Some Bloggers Never Die
"Family members have taken the opportunity to turn weblogs into information portals, like the journal of Brian Faughnan, who disappeared during a 2002 hiking trip. Faughnan's family later reinvented the blog to provide status reports to the public while they searched for him. (His body still has not been found.) "

Chris Null made an understandable error. He thought Brian had created the blog, rather than it always existing to communicate to friends and family.
Man's disappearance still a mystery

"Whistler Question, August 2003 - Man's disappearance still a mystery
By Nicole Davis

Brian Faughnan went for a hike in Whistler on July 12, 2002. Or, at least that is what is thought to have happened. No one quite knows what happened to Faughnan, because he disappeared and no one has seen him since.

Although Faughnan's family had a memorial for him and speak of him in the past tense, his family is still looking for clues. They have posted announcements in Whistler's newspapers and have a website dedicated to Faughnan and his disappearance."

A nicely written piece, patching together quotes (paraphrases, really -- but close enough) from a phone interview done last week and material from past articles and the web site.

The "announcement" is an inexpensive advertisement in "The Question".

PS. is a redirector to the web site. It works a bit oddly though, so I've not changed the web materials to use it yet.

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