Saturday, September 28, 2002

The sun shone today, and the breeze was fine and fresh. We were warmed by the friendship and fellowship of those who attended Brian's memorial service, and those who wrote and called from afar. Elaine spoke on behalf of Brian's MOC friends, and we were warmed by her memories. We are especially grateful to the members of the St. John Fisher church, who gave of their time and donated food for the reception.

I have received an email telling me that the RCMP and an SAR volunteer performed a follow-up aerial search on September 25th, with negative results. We have not received any official confirmation, but we believe the report is correct and we are again grateful to the SAR team and the Whistler RCMP.

Max has entrusted his slides from Whistler to me. I will have them scanned in Montreal and I will send CDs to Max and to Bruce (each of whom will burn local copies as needed). I'll also put some lower resolution images on the web site as well. When I return to Montreal I will organize the pictures and memorial material on Brian's page.


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