Sunday, May 25, 2008

Closing of the McGill Outdoors Club House

The McGill Outdoors (Outing) Club House is up for sale!

If the House could speak, the stories ... well ...

From a forum post:
As many of you know, after 54 years of owning the MOC house in Shawbridge and renting it to us, McGill has decided to sell the house.

They have proposed that the Student Society of McGill University buy it which originally seemed feasible from SSMU's point of view. However, given the McGill's high asking price and the projected repairs necessary, SSMU have decided that they are not in a position to take on the financial liability of buying the house at the current asking price. As such, the house will be put onto the market and McGill will either find a buyer who is willing to pay the exorbitant asking price, or else the market will bring the price down to a level at which SSMU and ourselves will be able to reevaluate.
Shawbridge used to be out in the country, but now it's a commuter exurb. I suspect the House had become something of an awkward legacy.

I imagine Brian's shade might haunt the place.

We'll find a home for the bench we left there during a MOC memorial. I hope his tree will find receptive owners.


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