Saturday, August 28, 2004

Guide for families in a wilderness search (Canada)

Guide for families in a wilderness search (Canada)

Sam Black's brother-in-law wrote me shortly after Sam was found:

Again, I have to reiterate how valuable Brian's website was. The information and links were essential. As you know, when something like this happens the family is caught completely off-guard and utterly ignorant and feeling helpless. Getting informed (and quickly) is critical. I also managed to find live web-cams at the top of Whistler, which, in addition to the weather forecasts, were very helpful.

So, if it's any consolation, your experience with Brian and the efforts you've made to help have left a very valuable legacy.

A million thanks
That email motivated me to do something I'd promised myself I'd do after Brian's search ended two years ago. I wrote up a document for people who'd lost a loved one in the Canadian wilderness, and specifically for summer searches in the Whistler BC area. I tried to capture the key points I sent Sam's family by email, but also to expand upon them. I wanted to provide a better, quicker answer than what I might do by email.

They are only my writings, and they are dulled (but also given perspective) by time. I only had a few hours to do it (thanks to our sitter for taking the kids). The errors and omissions are mine, but the work they come from was done by many others.

It is Brian's legacy now. May his spirit be with all who are lost in the wilderness.


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