Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Two years on, and a letter from Melbourne

The first entry in this blog was July 19th 2002. Brian left Montreal for BC on July 12th 2002, by July 19th I'd joined my brother and Brian's friends in Whistler BC in our private search. (Steven had been there several days during the initial official search.) I created the blog as a quick way to communicate with family and friends during the search.

I'm not big on anniversaries -- I think about Brian and that episode quite often, but I hadn't thought much about it being the two year mark. I probably wouldn't have noted it here, save for an email I received from Melbourne Australia.

I almost discarded the email as spam. I receive so much spam these days, all with realistic emails and one word titles. This title was the single word "Brian", and the email address was not of a typical form for spam, so I did open it. I expected another pitch for Viagra, but it was instead a message in a bottle. An MOC friend of Brian's who'd followed his story on this blog and elsewhere, but had not written before. Someone who'd suffered great loss themselves and wrote well with compassion and understanding.

A wonderful gift to receive.

There is no additional news on Brian. This is the hiking season in Whistler, and again there's a chance that something will be found. If we do learn anything, I will post it here and elsewhere.

Thanks for all the thoughts ... and happy wedding wishes to Brian's friends Marta and Kevin!


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